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    about the usage of articles

    Dear Sir / Ma'am

    When I refer to the English Grammar Glossary of
    to find out the exact meaning of the word of preposition, I can find
    such an explanation as follow :

    A prepositional phrase is 'the' combination of a preposition and its

    Would you kindly let me know which is more advisable between
    'the' combination and 'a' combination

    and explain the reason.

    I look forward to receiving your reply soon.

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    Re: about the usage of articles

    Either is fine, Sariputra. 'The' anticipates the specificity of the defining phrase 'of a preposition and its complement. 'A' would result from the first appearance of 'combination' in the sentence being produced.

    It is primarily an arbitrary choice by the speaker, who may be ('a/an') writing linearly or ('the') thinking ahead.

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