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    Can i Use Say Like this?

    Can i say like this?

    Orkut is blocked by Indian Government. so i couldn't able open my orkut profile.

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    Re: Can i Use Say Like this?

    ***neither a teacher nor a native-speaker***

    ...I wasn't able to...

    to be able to.

    If you used "can/could" with "being able", it wouldn't be that different than saying; "I can can", which both will make no sense.

    But saying; "I couldn't open..." is OK.

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    Re: Can i Use Say Like this?

    Quote Originally Posted by letsrock View Post
    Can I say like this?

    Orkut is blocked by the Indian Government so I couldn't (or can't) able open my Orkut profile.
    1) Please remember to capitalise the word "I".

    2) You need the article before the name of a government.

    3) Whether you use couldn't or can't depends on when you are talking about. If it's an existing problem, then use can't. If you are telling someone that, for example, you tried to log in to Orkut yesterday, or last week, and you were unsuccessful, then use couldn't.

    4) Orkut is presumably a brand name, or the title of a website. If so, it requires a capital "O" as it is a proper noun.

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