Hello everyone, I need some help with my English translation for my mobile application. I wrote it but it needs some (grammar) check, so I would be grateful if anyone could take a look. Here is the list of phrases...


Start station
Final station

Send stations coordinates
Please locate some stations and try again
If you want participate in application development (lines and stations database) you'll will use only this two icons. Upper one is for start station and lower one is for sending GPS locations of your located stations. If you are waiting a bus/tram on some station (and you know station's name) press upper icon and wait for GPS location. After you've been located you'll need to type in current station name, type it in and click OK. Now just wait for a tram/bus and as you are passing stations press upper icon again (once for every station). It will record all your stations (GPS locations) one after the other. When you finished your travelling (get out of a bus/tram) press lower icon and send the GPS coordinats via e-mail.

Follow me
When the option is turned on, program will automatically follow you on the map and notify you about stations as you are passing them and when you need to get off the bus/tram. *GPS must be enabled

Augmented Reality
Click on this button will open a new window and load Layar application if it's installed on your Android phone. If it's not installed, you'll not be able to use Augmented Reality (see bus/tram stations in real time around you).

Find a route
Call a Cab

is successfully deleted from the list.
is successfully added on the list.
There is no bookmarked stations.
Bus and tram

Station is already in the list
Add new station
Type in station name
Type in correct station name
Please wait ~1 minute for finalizing the update.

Loading screen
Choose a language
Info about GPS status
Info about internet status
Satellite map
Bus line no.
Tram line no.
Lines list
No available lines.

Add stations
Search an address
Locate me
Locate me automatically
Loading screen
GPS status alert
Internet status alert
Satellite view
Apply options

Show the route
Start station is marked green, transfer station grey and final station with red color. Information about specific line shows line number, master start station (ex. Črnomerec), master final station (ex. Podsused) and 3 departures from master start station. Also it shows you all the stations you must pass on bus/tram line.

Start and final station
For start station click on Start and anywhere on the map, the same procedure is for final station. When you are satisfied with your choice just click again on tab 'Find a route'.

Start and final station can't be the same one.
Please enter correct station name.
Please enter start and final station.
Set the departure time
Optional setting which allows to manually set time of the departure. If it's not set, system will use current time on your mobile phone.
Find the nearest station
When you are located with GPS, system will automatically detect your nearest bus/tram station.

Your GPS seems to be disabled, do you want to enable it?
Your Internet seems to be disabled, do you want to enable it?

There is no available bus-line. Station
is one-way only in direction

Ticket was bought. In a few minutes you will get SMS confirmation. Ticket is valid for 90 minutes in first zone of Grad Zagreb. Every half hour you will get notification about your ticket duration.

Are you sure you want buy a ticket?
Buy a ticket (SMS)
Ticket price for day lines (from 4AM till 12PM) is 10,00kn. Ticket price for night lines (from 12PM till 4AM) is 20,00kn. Click only once!
Map of all available lines
Show bus line...
Choose a line
Repair database
Satellite view
Map view
Hide all stations
Show all stations

Station name
Show on the map...
Go back to station input

First departure
Tram will arrive for about (min.)
Last departure
Departures on Monday
Departures on other week-days
Departures on Saturday
Departures on Sunday

Choose a line (1 or 2)
Type in station name

Waiting for location...
Fixed stations:
Added stations:
Fixed lines:
Added lines: