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    ...insofar as, although..


    I have a question,,

    How can I use this structure " ...insofar as, although... ">>>

    Thinks in advance.

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    Re: ...insofar as, although..

    Hi yasser,

    “Insofar as” means to the extent or degree that something affects another thing or is connected with it.

    We are expecting a busy summer insofar as bookings are already up for August.
    The committee´s recommendations, insofar as they affect deaf people, are set out in this document.

    “Although” is used to express a contrasting idea.

    Although she knew about his past, she couldn´t help loving him.
    I carried on working, although I felt really tired.
    Although I was extremely bored, I stayed until the end.

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    Re: ...insofar as, although..

    Thinks mara

    I mean how can we use these words together

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    Re: ...insofar as, although..

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> up

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