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    Wink will you brush this up, 24 words.

    Hi all,

    will you check if this is alright? or advice me to say it better?

    "Our mission is to provide high quality, flexible translation services at affordable prices. Understanding the importance of accuracy, we specialize in translating mobile applications."

    I'm putting these sentences on my website for my translation services, but because I'm offering a business, not a favor, there should be no grammatical mistakes on it. And so, I need your help.

    oh, BTW, this is the website I'm going to put it if this gives you any better idea. www dot office231 dot com

    Thanks again,

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    Re: will you brush this up, 24 words.

    Your statement is correct both grammatically and syntactically. However, what is the relationship between translating mobile applications and understanding the importance of accuracy? You should clarify this relationship in greater detail.
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