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    Me and... or ... and I

    Which is correct? (i) The mountains and me, (ii)me and the mountains or (iii) the mountains and I.
    It is intended to be a descriptive headline.
    Hope you can help

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    Re: Me and... or ... and I

    **Neither a teacher nor a native speaker.**

    Hi and welcome!

    If it's just a headline, I would clearly go for:
    The mountains and I.

    The mountains and me can also be correct, depending on context.
    My mother loves the mountains and me.
    (Not the best example, but grammatically alright )


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    Re: Me and... or ... and I

    If it's a headline, you can please yourself.

    There's a well-known musical called 'The King and I' but also a famous song called 'Me and My Shadow'.

    Most people know that the latter is grammatically incorrect, but not many care a lot in the context.



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