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There is no denying the fact that the emergence of cell phones supply human with extreme benefits. But meanwhile, the widespread use of them breeds sets problems which exist in society, medicine and technology. To my mind, the disadvantages are far more greater than the advantages.

There is no free lunch. When we enjoy the help from the cell phones, we have to face the negative effects which are bound up with them. For example, the function of text message in cell phones is abused by some amoral commercial organizations. As a result, abundance of advertisements which are called litter messages are received everyday. Surely, we are disturbed by the arrival of them, moreover, our privacy is stolen. This is just one aspect of the social problems which are waitting to be solved.

In the term ofthe medical problems, it is believed that using mobile in long time can result disease in brain. Though there is no experiment evidence about this assessment, it is true that someone would have headache after calling with the cell phone.

In addition, there are technical difficulties for people to address the rubbish comes from the phones, the batteries , for instance. To date, no suitable way is found to cope with them.

It's a fact that the invention of the cell phones have brought about much good to us: Convenience, efficiency, fast. But I don't think these can exceed the problems come up with the them. The more advanced tool we use, the more efficient job we do, it virtually means that we destroy the environment in a much higher speed. Once the earth is so devastated by high developed industry that it can't support us to live, there will be no benefits from the cell phones anymore.