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Thread: house or home

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    house or home

    I need to clarify the proper phrasing for something.
    When asking a client to check something inside their house and get back to us, would it be preferable to say;
    Please check the phone jacks in your house and call us back, or
    Please check the phone jacks inside your home and call us back.

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    Re: house or home

    I agree with Gillnetter on the house vs. home distinction, but I think you should use "house" in this context. It may not be precisely accurate--you may be speaking to someone in an apartment--but you don't know the person well enough to know whether this building is the place s/he calls "home." There's an old saying, "home is where the heart is." I've lived on my own in Boston for eight years now, but I still sometimes refer to my parents' house as "home," as in, "I'm going home for Christmas." You don't really need to know whether their true home is a tree house or a lonely vessel out at sea; you just want them to check the phone jacks in the building in which they are currently residing! Use "house."

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    Re: house or home

    You do checks/repair/maintenance work on a physical building which is your house in this case.

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