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    Could you help me please?

    Hello everybody,
    Can you help me please?
    Our tutor asks us to read any article, and then we have to describe and evaluate the form.
    My problems I don't know how to describe and evaluate either the form or content.
    Can you give me some ideas or suggestion please?
    I have submitted it on Sunday. For that reason I need your help.


    This is the article which I have to describe and evaluate its form:


    The usual method of studying causes of suicide is through a "psychological postmortem", in which information used to establish a profile of the dead person is gathered from several sources about the individual's background and the events leading up to the suicide.


    There are many problems encountered in attempting to study the causes of suicide:
    •Information has to be gleaned months or years after the suicide has occurred and may therefore be inadequate and inaccurate.
    •The difficulty of using parents or siblings as informants because it is likely to be distressing for parents to answer questions about their dead son or daughter.


    Family Background

    Broken homes
    It is well established that adults who kill themselves often come from broken homes or unhappy families. Family disruption, by death, separation, or divorce, is common among young suicides. Moreover, the prevalence of suicide is related to the degree of geographical mobility and family disruption found in these societies. For example, the lowest suicide rate was found in North Sudan, where there was a structure of close Moslem family units; on the other hand, the highest suicide rate was found in the Indian reservation where there was a lack of family stability.

    Family History of Psychiatric Disorder and Suicidal Behavior
    Psychiatric disorder in family members might contribute to a young person's suicide in any one of several ways. First, there may be a genetic predisposition to depression or other serious mental disorders. Second, living with depressed relatives may mean that the young person lacks affections and feels rejected. Third, a depressive disorder in a parent or older sibling might serve as a model for the individual, encouraging the adoption of a morbid or hopeless attitude. Finally, an adolescent may find it intolerable living with a parent or sibling with a major psychiatric disorder.

    Psychiatric Disorders
    Depression, excessive fears or school refuse

    Physical Disorders
    Although several studies have suggested that only rarely a major contributory factor in adolescent suicide attempters have problems with their physical health such as asthma, fits and tonsillitis.

    Previous Suicide Attempts
    Anyone who has made a previous attempt at harming himself or herself is always considered at high risk of another attempt. The previous attempts are more common among females than males.

    Intellectual Level
    There has been very little investigation of the intelligence of children and adolescents who commit suicide. The appraisal of the hopelessness of a situation by young people and the planning of a fatal attempt may require considerable intellectual ability.


    Changes in the Social Environment
    There is no doubt that the social environment of young people has undergone vast changes during the past three decades. One change has been a reduction in family ties. Loss of family supports is becoming more common and often occurs at an early age.

    Greater Acceptability of Suicide as an Option
    A further factor that might have influenced attitudes to suicide is the increasingly free discussion of the topic in the media. People who have entertained suicidal ideas, which are common among young people, but who would not normally have carried out a suicidal act, may be encouraged to act on these ideas because of the media reports.

    Increased Use of Medication and Drugs
    Increased prescribing of psychotropic medicines might contribute to an increase in suicide because of the resulting relatively low thresholds to taking drugs to deal with stress.
    Drug abuse among the young has also become very much more common in recent years. This has contributed to the increase in suicidal deaths, because of two factors. The first is that drug addiction often leads to social disintegration and depression. The second is that deaths from overdoses involving illicit drugs are common.

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    Re: Could you help me please?

    Hi again

    I have done the evaluation of form for that article, but my tutor said my evaluation is poor

    This is what I have written

    The style of the chapter is fine. There is an introduction for each topic that draws our attention to the topic itself. The ideas are well organized. The writer puts the factors in order and explains them fulfilly and he puts hi s ideas in sequences. In another words, his explanation for factors is excellent. The language is used easy and understandable. The writer performs his goals and states them clearly

    Could you give me some ideas or suggestions to improve and develop my evaluation?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Could you help me please?

    I'm not exactly sure what you are meant to be doing, but there are some things in the article that you haven't mentioned. Firstly, the author mentions studies and gives the example of Sudan, but doesn't give any indication of sources of information; shouldn't they be referenced? Many of the views are hedged with may/might. Also, in thew last part there is, IMO, a ,mistake- is death through drug overdose suicide? In many cases the overdose is accidental, or presumed to be. I wouln't say that someone who accidentally injected too much heroin and died was a suicide.

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    Re: Could you help me please?

    Thanks tdol
    I have the source of information; reference. But my problem here is what the differences between describe the form and evaluate the form. I don't know how to describe or evaluate the form of this article. Here our tutor asked us to be attention only to the from of article not the content. Could you give me some ideas or suggestion to evaluate or describe the form?


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