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  1. Jake

    Grammar Question

    1) What is the difference between "affect" and "effect"?

    2) When listing certain items do you put a comma before the "and" just before the last item?

    For example, would you state, "His father, mother, and sister" or "His father, mother and sister"?

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    Re: Grammar Question

    1) effect is usually a noun meaning a result. The poison had an immediate effect.

    affect is usually a verb meaning to produce a change.

    Sometimes effect can be a verb that means to produce the desired result.

    My father cited this example to me forty years ago:

    1.) A few drinks might affect his recovery.
    This means that those drinks may change the predicted outcome of his recovery either for the better or the worse.

    2.) A few drinks might effect his recovery This means that the drinks might cause the recovery to occur.

    The comma before the and is optional, with its omission being the newer style.

  3. saturne

    Question recovery

    What's the meaning of recovery, please?

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    Re: recovery

    Return to health, get better.

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