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    Short presentation

    Hi there, I would appreciate it if you could help me to look at the following short presentation. I think really hard to come out with the flow. I have alot of things to say , but I simply do not know how to put it in proper sentences. So as a result, I shortened the text.

    Good morning to my fellow colleagues and friends,

    I'm really glad to be here today to share with you my experience working in YE. I personally feel that,YE had provided me a solid platform of learning through its systematic training structure and the support from its state-of-the art resource centre. Skills that I had embraced while working for YE were through the increase of my technical capability, human relationship, project management and personal development.

    My confidence had improved dramatically through this process and I believe YE has what it takes to prepare each of us to excel in whatever we do. Thank you.

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    Re: Short presentation

    Greeting- I wouldn't say 'to my' as you are talking directly to them. Also 'fellow colleagues' is a bit of repetition, isn't it?

    YE had provided- without knowing what YE is, I can't be sure about the tenses used here, but imagine that the present perfect might be better here.

    solid platform of learning- I'd say 'for learning'

    Skills that I had embraced while working for YE- again the tense- if you still work there, then use the present perfect and replace 'while' with 'since'

    My confidence had improved dramatically- has again iof you're still there

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