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    Smile mutter

    Hello. I'm wondering what "mutter" means in this context.
    Is it idiot/crazy or something?

    When he walked passed her door, a voice said, "Ow!" very loud and clear. This was followed by a string of words that weren't quite as clear. But clear enough to get the general feeling.
    It sounded like, "You mutter, mutter crow! I'm going to mutter, your mutter, mutter!"
    Then there was a loud twang, as if something were hitting wire and squawk.

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    Re: mutter

    It could just be to represent the words that weren't very clear, or it could be that some of the words sounded similar- murder,mother. etc.

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    Re: mutter

    If you "mutter," you speak in a voice that is low and difficult to hear. We often mutter because we know we shouldn't say what we are saying, but we can't stop ourselves.

    For example, today I was dealing with an IT technician who was not very smart. I pointed out the master terminal to her, then let her get to her work. Twenty minutes later, she asked me whether there was a computer that controlled all the other computers. Now, if English had been a second language for her, I could have understood not knowing that "master terminal" means "computer that controls all other computers." But she was American, and supposedly a professional! So I repeated the information about the master terminal, and explained what a master terminal was. Then I walked away, muttering, "idiot." It wasn't a nice thing to say, and I didn't want her to hear me say it, but I just couldn't keep quiet!

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    Re: mutter

    Hi there,

    Please could you let me know the title of the book and the authour? :-D

    With much thanks,

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