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    I want to know the rule of pronouncing British /o/
    for example hot
    I pronounce it as ha:t but I heard a Brit say hot as in coat
    Is every o pronunced this way?
    Which dialect is this?

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    Re: O

    I know. This sound is not existent in Arabic, nor Persian, nor Standard American English.
    It's very difficult to explain it this way, because speaking/ listening require actual physical face-to-face contact. But anyway the following may help:

    -British /O: /
    The most important feature of this sound is its strong lip-rounding. Produce a sound between /o/ and /u:/. autumn = /O: t m/

    -American /a: /
    This is the one that you're familiar with. However, the /a:/ is usually accompanied with a very weak W-like sound. That's why some dictionaries represent it by /aw/. The /w/ in the American allophone is used to show some slight lip-rounding. autumn = /a: t m/, /aw t m/
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