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  1. Rok Vermont



    I need help with following words and sentences.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Who is fellow-tradesman? (She thoughtfully rose from her chair and searched the apartment with the interest of a fellow−tradesman.)

    2. What does 'clothyard shaft of Senlac and Crecy' mean? (The level rainstorm smote walls slopes, and hedges like clothyard shaft of Senlac and Crecy.)

    3. What does 'who doesn't get his living by it' mean in this sentence? (Hi is large-eyed thoughtful fellow, you know, with a very electric flash in his eye when he looks round quickly, such as you'd expect a poet to be who doesn't get his living by it.)

    4. What does "Belshazzar's Feast" mean? (All were as perplexed at the obscure revelation as the guests at Belshazzar's Feast.)

    5. What does "denser" mean in this sentence? (It was owing to this overlapping of creeds that the celebrated population−puzzle arose among bthe denser gentry of the district around Nether−Moynton.)

    6. What does 'Chok' it all' mean? ('Chok' it all! of course! I forget, ma'am, that you've been a lady for so many years.')

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    Re: Problems

    1- It's hard to say- is there another person in the room? If she's alone, then I don't see why the word 'fellow' is used.
    2 Hardy's opening historical allusion to the fierce mediaeval battles of Senlac [Hastings] and Crecy (in which archery played a significant part) contrasts the indifferent antagonism of nature, epitomized by the "level rain-storm," with the deliberate and intentional inhumanity of man towards man. (
    3 - get a living- earn a living
    4- Belshazzar (bĕlshăz'ər) , according to the Bible, son of Nebuchadnezzar and last king of Babylon. The Book of Daniel relates that, at his feast, handwriting appeared on the wall. Daniel interpreted it as a prophecy of doom; that night Babylonia fell to the otherwise unknown Darius the Mede. (dictionary)
    5- More concentrated in terms of numbers?? I'm guessing here- it could mean 'more stupid', but I am really not sure
    6- Chok must be a dialect term, but I can't find the exact meaning. It's some kind of exclamation like 'dash it all'. I imagine it's not very strong because of the person he's talking to.

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    Re: Problems

    1. She checked the accoutrement of the apartment as a tradesman or shop-owner would check out another similar shop-- quality, style, value, etc.


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