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    strange/ foreign/ alien

    Dear teacheres,

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me how things will come right in the end in the presence of the unimaginable scrambled eggs with chopped peppers and tomatoes as a result of the usage of three different adjectives in English language that we describe in our native language by one and only word?

    I am strange here, and I don’t know my way around.

    He has always been interested in foreign language.

    What he has said was quite foreign to our discussion.

    Such an attitude is alien to me.

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Wink Re: strange/ foreign/ alien

    Prator devised a hierarchy of grammatical and phonological difficulty that has 6 levels, the last one of which explains the omelet you're talking about.

    It's called SPLIT in which one item in the native language (mother tongue) covers two or more items in the second language.
    You can call me crazy but I think I've found the Bulgarian word you mentioned:

    __________2. alien
    __________3. strange
    __________4. outside

    A Bulgarian translator will be a great help!

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