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    Red face please by god if anybody can help my and correct my essay i have final exam

    In this age the Advertisement invents our daily life events . it spread by media and affects our way of living in good and bad ways ,it invented for one main reason, the money. every commercial advertisement made to influence our life .
    On the first hand the good affect of advertisement is the knowledge. this age is full of new inventions that influence our life ,so itcome and playing a key role to explaining this new inventions to the public and learning them about its benefits and the good way to using its. The advertisement so important media tool that educate people .
    On the second hand the bad affect of advertisement is losing of money . advertisements attracting people to buy the useless products by its attractive themes , sound effects, we always buy unnecessary things and spend our salary because the main faction of reclaims is to increasing the sales rate . advertisement invent as a sailing mean to increase the sales by modern way .
    All in all , the Advertisements as new media theme had good and bad effects. Not all Advertisements bad our aiming to draw money from people pockets . for example the Advertisements of new medicine treatments .

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    Re: please by god if anybody can help my and correct my essay i have final exam

    Wait for the teachers, I think soon they will help you. I want to advise you to alter the title. Write this "Please be nice and correct my final essay exam"
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