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    This is a part of a school life record and I wonder if the following makes sense.


    student - entering Uni

    parents - entering Uni

    Above is supposed to be a form of table, but I omitted all the lines forming the table, so please understand it.

    Anyhow, what i mean is that ''Prospect'' means what course the student would take such as entering Uni or getting a job and so on.

    ''Student'' means what course the student himself wishes to take and ''Parents'' means what course parents wish their son to take.

    Sorry to ramble on, but I am not sure if above ''prospect'' could mean ''course of career'' in this context and if just ''student'' or ''parents'' would be fine instead of ''students' opinion about his course or ''parents' opinion about his child's course''.

    thank you.
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    Re: prospect

    I"m sorry to say that I don't understand your meaning for "prospect" at all.

    I think if you cut down just to "student" and "parent" it will seem as though the parent is supposed to be doing something besides having an opinion about their child's courses.

    You can say "student choice" and "parent choice" (or student's choice and parents' choice if you prefer).
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