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    Integrated Essay(Turing Test)

    Hi, everybodyI wrote another integrated essay, I would like someone to correct it for me, thank you.

    A British mathematician Alan Turing invented an experiment in 1950 to find out if a computer can think or not. The eperimentís famous name is Turing Test. Alan Turing put a group of people in a room and asked them to talk to someone in another room. If the group of people decided that they were talking to a person or they did not know who were talking to, then the computer has passed the test. However, many competitions have convened, no computer has passed the test.
    The lecturer stated that the Turing Test depends on behaviors rather than thoughts. He approved his perspective by mentioning John Searalís experiment when he put a monolingual speaker in a room and asked him to arrange letters of a foreign language that he did not know. Mr Searal allowed the man to use reference books to arrange the letters. The man arranged the letters without knowing the meaning, the results of his experiment reflected that the man reacted like the computer did.
    The lecturer concluded that Turingís test is useless because it depends on behaviors rather than thoughts and did not answer the question, do computers think?

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    Re: Integrated Essay(Turing Test)

    The Turing test is famous to everyone who knows about computing or artificial intelligence.
    Turing test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    John Searle is famous in some circles (philosophy of the mind/ computing) and his name should be spelled correctly. This is very important in academic work.
    John Searle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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