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Thread: Problems II

  1. Rok Vermont

    Problems II


    Me again with new problems.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. What does "Mixen Sinks" mean? (Horse−ponds Mixens Sinks in yards Stable−drains Wet ditches Road−scrapings, and Cinder−heaps Cesspools Back−door gutters.)

    2.What does "round barrelled" mean?" (All three were well horsed on strong, round−barrelled cobs.)

    3. Darton, the father, had been a one−idea'd character, with a buttoned−up pocket and a chink−like eye brimming with commercial subtlety. What is meaning of 'one−idea'd character', 'buttoned−up pocket' and 'commercial subtlety'?

    4. What does "make-up on her" mean? (Sally is a comely, independent, simple character, with no make−up about her.)

    5. What does "zull" mean? (These straps plough my shoulder like a zull.)

    6. What does 'by a side "drong"' mean? (At the back was a dairy barton, accessible for vehicles and live−stock by a side 'drong'.)

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    Re: Problems II

    Mixen = sompost heap, so I presume it means a hole for compost
    2- the animal's trunk
    3- only one thing on his mind/mean/could see ways of making money anywhere
    4- pretention
    5 No idea- some kind of strap??
    6- I guess it's an entrance, but have no idea what kind

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    Re: Problems II

    A drong is a passageway or lane between walls or hedges

    Zull is unknown to me, Webster and Google

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