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    Practicing useful expression

    I am practicing English sentences using expression extracted from books but I do not know how to use them properly. Below sentences, I practiced by my self. Please, check and correct them.



    Practicing useful expression

    • This story looks for the real crime committed in 1990.
    • It penetrates into my mind when I was very poor.
    • I will see to it that this experiment has potential use for treatment of disease.
    • Demonstrating my idea critically in such a way as to make him happy can get good mark.
    • I take it for granted that other scholars can not help arguing the negative of aspects of the issue.
    • Practicing writing over and over again endows me with logical thinking.
    • Disgusting smell of food discourage me from overeating.
    • it can be seen as answering the question of whether human have authorities to destroy the nature.
    • There is no point in discussing the meaningless topic.
    • It is only because of shortage time that I cannot complete the assignment on time.
    • After baring the fact that Ellice is young, she has everything to be a team leader.
    • Studying grammar is fundamental element of learning language so many experts hold it to account for beginner.
    • If you want to improve speaking, you have but to practice over and over.
    • Needless to say young children should respect parents’ opinions and follow instructions because the young are still immature.
    • Far from being less important, the gender equity is worth addressing.
    • It is important she need to demonstrate her abilities to get a job.
    • If the theory of a common ancestor of universal is false, the most obvious ground upon which the theory of revolution is lost.
    • Aside from lack of evidences, we should focus on the facts caused at the time of the accident.
    • It should be deemed great that all human society has developed dramatically after invention of the light.
    • The issue I want to explore some degree related to the government monetary policy to give a boost to its socio economic.
    • In a word, she was an angle in my heart.
    • Irrespective of whether it is formalism or activism, there is still a quest for justice.
    • animal morality is equal worth to human’s
    • Playing foot ball is as much to do well with Korea as it is with Japan.
    • 10 year-old girl did not go to school not least because of bully.
    • In the word of Jesus “love your brothers and sisters as well as neighbours in the same way I loved you.”
    • Depending upon hygienic degree, it is possible to get contaminant in the sample.
    • The government adapts the attitude of multicultural country.
    • He goes so far as to affirm that any species can be evolution but there are still considerable doubts to support theory of evolution due to some argument of doctrine of creation.
    • Many student only recourse to textbooks.
    • His clear cut argument persuades me to follow his brilliant idea.
    • I have learnt how to think critically in the course of my study.
    • I will check the criteria of the essay assignment with precision.

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    Re: Practicing useful expression

    I'll start:
    - This story looks for the real crime committed in 1990.- This could be fine, as long as you want to say that people currently have the wrong idea about the crime committed in 1990.
    - It penetrates into my mind when I was very poor.- The tense is wrong- it should be passed and I would also change the verb- depending on exactly what you want to say, it could be something like 'It struck me when I was poor'

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