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    taking the minutes

    Dear All,

    Please find time to edit my draft minutes below. Anticipating for your quick reply. Many thanks.
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    Minutes of Meeting
    July 10, 2010
    Office Conference Room, ABC Building, DEF Dist., Jeddah

    This meeting was held last July 10, 2010 at Office Conference Room, ABC Building, Jeddah. It was presided by Engr. L.

    I. Attendees.
    The following were present at the meeting:
    1. Engr. D - Construction Manager
    2. Engr. E - Projects Manager
    3. Mr. F - Finance Manager
    4. Mr. G - Chief Accountant
    5. Engr. H - Project Manager
    6. Engr. I - In – Charge, Plumbing & FFW
    7. Engr. J - Department Head, Electrical
    8. Engr. K - Department Head, Structural
    9. Engr. L - QMR/Senior Quality Engineer
    10. Engr. M - Department Head, HR
    11. Engr. N - Project Manager
    12. Mr. O - Department Head, Purchasing
    13. Mr. Q - Secretary

    II. Discussion.
    1. The meeting proper was called into order at 3:05 PM. Engr. L extended his thanks and acknowledgement to all present for attending this brief meeting. This meeting has been purposely called in connection for the upcoming pre-assessment audit of the company on Monday, 12 July 2010 who will be conducted by the SGS Group. Engr. L cited the following items as the scope of the pre-assessment, namely, (i.)Quality Policy, (ii.)Quality Objectives, (iii.)Management Responsibilities/Commitment, (iv.)Quality Procedures and (v.)5’s (Records’ Management). The abovementioned items are also requisites in securing ISO Certificate. Engr. L had further reminded all Managers and Department Heads present to fully understand the above concepts. Pre - assessment will be done through physical inspections of each Department. During pre-assessment each Managers and Department Heads might be asked in relation of each scope of work, how quality policy, quality objectives, management responsibilities, quality procedures and records’ management are being implemented; hence, everyone is advised to answer the questions precisely. The results of this pre-assessment would be a basis of the actual assessment proper and the findings of it would also be the references of the things that the company should revise and comply.
    2. Engr. J commented on one of the quality objectives that says “reduce cost of non-conforming materials (scrap and rework) by 10%” which for him is non – achievable. He added that in the construction, included in the costing and estimation is the anticipated 5% waste of materials. 10% is quite big. Further, he suggested that this statement be revised implying non – confirming materials be reduced TO 10% and not BY 10%.
    3. Engr. D stressed that non-conforming materials is 0% since all materials to be purchased are thoroughly examined and ensured that these are all conformed on the certain project and have been passed for approval from the project and construction managers and consultants.
    4. Engr. L said this has something to do with the quality management wherein there is a need to check, plan, do and act (PDA) and using the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) concept.
    5. Engr. I suggested to well define first the terminologies/phrases – scope of these non - confirming materials, scrap and reworks by 10%.
    6. Mr. F suggested that since these have not yet been submitted to the Auditors, this statement should reword or rephrase.
    7. All present agreed the suggestion.
    8. Engr. L requested to give him ample time to restate the said line.
    9. Engr. E asked how these non – confirming materials be applied to other departments such as in HR, Purchasing and Accounting. He further suggested that Engr. Rivera will draft possible questions that would be coming out during the pre-assessment.
    10. Engr. L answered that drafting possible questions is not necessary as long as one knows each job and understands all these company quality policies, objectives and management. He briefly discussed that in the quality procedure this includes the functions of every department head and each personnel. Records’ Management pertains to the traceability and easy tracking of all files; hence labeling is needed. Engr. L reminded all to please find time to read the company manual.
    11. Engr. J asked a copy of the manual; Engr. Rivera replied he’ll give him one.
    12. Engr. E commented that the said meeting is fruitful and interactive where everybody is concerned and has shown interest in securing ISO Certificate en shallah.

    III. Adjournment.
    Meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM.

    Attachment: Attendance

    Minutes were taken by:

    Mr. Q


    Engr. L
    QMR/Senior Quality Engineer

    Engr. R
    General Manager/Owner

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    Re: taking the minutes

    Thanks for a million Gillnetter. Helps me a lot. All your corrections and comments are well noted.

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