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    Hi,native speakers

    Native speakers, would you tell me the mistakes I made in this essay?? Thanks in advance:

    How to employ the methods of reinforcement
    Imagine that you have recalled your school first years. I think there are some memories towards some teachers that you still remember from time to time. These memories, I think, have two dimensions : A harsh teacher who you still remember his rough treatment. And the other teacher whose tolerant, supportive and encouraging ways had enforced your self trust. A teacher that you still regard highly his conduct. Why not to be that teacher?
    2- Dear, teacher. There is a child inside everyone of us. A child who needs to be encouraged and well mentioned. Many of us forget this, particularly when they deal with Prep school student.
    3- I would like to mention here a psychosocial experiment that had been carried out. A group of workers agreed, when they enter their office, to tell a colleague " You seem pale and tired.. You are sick. " a worker said. Then all the group, one after the other, told the colleague the same thing. What was the result? The colleague thought he was really sick and asked for a sick leave.
    Dear, teacher. Tactful words and material and immaterial support are generally good, but they have a particular big role in the educational process.
    Here are some hints that may make your reinforcement more effective:
    1- Your smile is the shortest way to the hearts of others.
    2- Try to use body language with words. It makes no sense to tell a student that he is clever and hard worker without showing him the related expressions on your face, putting your hand on his head or patting on his shoulder or back when you praise him in front of his classmates.
    3- Mention the student's name when you praise him.
    4- Mention the student's conduct and praise and encourage it saying " Your classmate, Mohammed , did ., so I reward him and ask you all to clap for him ."
    5- Reinforce the desirable conduct directly, and do not delay that to the end of the period or the school day, in order not to lose its value and impact.
    6- Use the board or a notice board, in the class, to put a star or a mark as a sign of respect and appreciation beside the name of every student who performs well. The student who gets more stars or marks should be praised and encouraged at the end of the period.
    7- Students who share and participate for the first time should be encouraged.
    8- Give a competition homework to low achievement students. Reward and praise those who answer it appropriately in the school media.
    9- After being prepared, low achievement students should be given a part of school media programmes which are not that of clever ones only.
    10- Meet the parents of low achievement students to illustrate the best ways to deal with their children, help children to do their homework and the best ways to activate them.
    Thank you

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    Unhappy Re: Hi,native speakers

    Where are you friends. Why do you not help me?? I need it?
    Please , do that.


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    Re: Hi,native speakers

    I believe there is no body interested to help us to improve our writing skill. I posted two essays, no body corrected them. However, I wish you good luck and my recommendation to go to testenglish website. It has a forum to correct essay for TOEFL and ILETS.
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