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    Could anybody help me with this?

    Over the centuries its vaults had filled in with seeping tropical earth, decaying vegetation and crumbled rocks too unstable to safely remove.

    I thought "seep" is a word which is used for liquid, such as water and oil.
    Also, ideas can seep, too.
    But can earth (solid) be seeping?

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    Re: seep

    I'm sorry.
    I posted this twice by mistake.
    I don't know how to delete it.

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    Re: seep

    Please help me! I'm still waiting for the answer!

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    Re: seep

    You're right, seep does refer to a liquid, more technically it refers to a fluid and moist tropical earth (mud) is a fluid and can seep into something. So can dust, oxygen, etc. because they can flow. Most importantly, this word means a fluid passing slowly through a porous or unsealed substance.

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    Re: seep

    I see! Thank you very much!


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