The divorce rate reached to a big number this years . this what said by the researchers in AMAL center . there are many financial and social reasons that lead to a divorce . these reasons is so common in any living societies around a word .
First , the most important financial reason that led to a divorce is working full time. we live in a time where every adult family members has his work, the problem appear when one of the couple has full time work , so he /she will increase his/her salary ,but this will has no time for couple to stay together and by this the main reason for marriage will gone . the financial problems consider as main cause of divorce among working couples .
Second , the most important social reason that led to a divorce is the affection by the others. Every new marriage couple most of time get married quickly without studying their families situations, for example the sole son parents trying always to let their child live with his new mate in the same house and refuse any suggestions about rent any near house from them . this affection became so common nowadays in the advanced countries as major reason for divorce .
All in all, There are many reasons that made divorce rate increase to this big number as financial and social causes that spread among nations nowadays, This what the researchers by AMAL center referred to in the annual survey , the marriage and divorce both become as a themes of our modern life.