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    Selling condoms in universities.

    Selling condoms in universities.
    In my view, I agree with selling condoms in universities.
    First, from information to infection with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) know that now young people have increased rates of infection. Mostly in the age group between 16 - 24 years and young group with the rates of patients with sexually transmitted diseases. In Bangkok have an infected approximately 1,000 people 32 % of then are teenagers. Second, many adolescents have sex without using condoms. Not brave enough to by at pharmacies. Embarrassed to by condoms at convenience stores. Finally, problems that follow from having sex, not condoms. For example unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection all kinds, including HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). Using condoms as contraceptive methods. Medical research that clearly outlined. Using condoms properly is the most important factor in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.
    In conclusion, the government is selling condoms in universities. Is likely to be beneficial have used condoms more. this will reduce pregnancy and disease is a major problems at this time. Do you agree with selling condoms in universities?

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    Re: Selling condoms in universities.

    I think it should not be promising to have sex.

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