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Thread: my IELTS essay

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    my IELTS essay

    Could you please check my essay and point out some possible errors. Thanks.

    Write about the following topic in 40 minutes.
    Some people believe that visitors to others countries should follow local customs and behavior. Others disagree that the host country should welcome cultural differences.

    Should tourists follow the host country's cultures? ......................(this part has already been checked......:))

    Some people firmly believe that adhering to the cultures of the local communities contributes positively to these visitors and local residents. ....................................(this part has already been checked......:))

    On the other hand, some people claim that cultural differences should be encouraged. The reason might involve the recognition that cultural diversity is of paramount value in our present society where some cultures are dying out. Here, I part company. Keeping cultural conformity between these two peoples rather than cultural diversity should be put on top priority-not to mention that the latter task is too complicated for tourists and local residents to fulfill.

    In the final analysis, although I would concede that cultural diversity might be welcome, conforming to local cultures holds more tantalising promise for the well-being of local communities and overseas visitors. Overall, it is high time that international organisations, travel agencies and people concerned strike a balance between these two ideologies.
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