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    Re: Kindly R-K "jobs cleaning up"

    Quote Originally Posted by TheParser View Post
    (1) Thank you SO much for your kind reply.

    (2) Just in case you get a really clever student next term who

    asks a similar question, I wanted to share something with you.

    (You have helped me so much over the months that I feel a sense

    of gratitude.) An extremely experienced ESL teacher told me that

    probably it would be best to parse "cleaning up the beaches"

    as a complement to "jobs." In other words, a gerund used as an object

    complement. That"s how I shall R-K that sentence. Thanks again. I bet

    your top-notch students will be serving up a lot of challenging questions.

    Here are the steps I would go through with my students:

    Unemployed people along the Gulf of Mexico are being given jobs cleaning up the beaches.

    What is the complete verb? --> are being given
    Who or what are being given? --> Unemployed people (along the gulf of Mexico)
    [A]re being given what or whom? --> jobs
    What question does cleaning up the beaches answer? --> what kind of jobs?
    If it answers what kind, we know that the part of speech is what? --> adjective
    If it's an adjective, it modifies a noun. What noun? --> jobs
    Does the adjective look like a verb but act like an adjective? --> yes
    Then the phrase is participial, modifying the noun jobs

    This is where I would arrive. What do you think of this interpretation?


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    Re: Kindly R-K "jobs cleaning up"

    Thank you so much. As your students probably tell you:

    That's awesome!!!

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