this is my writing practice. I would like to know some comment on my version. Here is original passaage.

"At some point in the assimilation to the new way (culture), the immigrant child realizes that his or her parents are no longer sources of real knowledge about the new society. Their information and their way of life are no longer the way to success, and as soon as the child understands this, his or her attitude towards the parents changes. Though some people consider such changes to be a betrayal, they are an inevitable part of assimilation." (A. Khutorsky, "Immigrants Adapting")"

this is my version:
"To some extend that in integration, the parent fails that they are still knowledge of new society. When the parent hardly convince their children, they see their children's attitude toward them change. Such change in integration is inevitable."

to my version,I would like to know the missing parts and the way to imrpove my prarprase.