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Thread: Problems III

  1. Rok Vermont

    Problems III

    Thanks for previous help. I have more dubious words and sentences.

    1. What does 'barton' mean?

    2. What does 'dvining out' mean? (Thus much only of the character of the homestead could be divined out of doors at this shady evening−time.)

    3.Fireplace with moulded four−centred arch was nearly hidden by a figured blue−cloth blower? What kind of firepalce is it? (Beside a Tudor fireplace, whose moulded four−centred arch was nearly hidden by a figured blue−cloth blower.)

    4. What does 'Bacchic influence' mean? (They began to think it might have been, after all, some neighbouring villager under Bacchic influence, giving the centre of the road a wide berth.)

    5. She had been brought up not without refinement, and was even more moved by such a collapse of genteel aims as this than a substantial dairyman's widow would in ordinary have been moved. What is meaninig of thih sentence?

    6. What does 'body in it' mean? (But perhaps cider−wine is not to your taste?−−though there's body in it.)

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    Re: Problems III

    1. A barton is a large farm or farmyard.

    2. To divine means to discover through insight (in the sense you used it).

    3. An ornate fireplace (probably 19th century)

    4. Drunk (Bacchus was the Greek god of fruit, especially fermented grapes)

    5. She was a bit of a snob, for a farmer, and was shocked by behavior that an ordinary farm woman wouldn't be bothered by.

    6. Body is a word used by tasters to describe the essential flavor of something. in your example body might mean alcoholic potency.

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