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    Killing So Many Trees


    if during a conversation, your manager approaches you after submitting good work and tell you "Good work, I think you are killing so many trees"..

    what does "you are killing so many trees" mean/refer to?


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    Re: Killing So Many Trees

    "Killing trees" usually refers to using a lot of paper, which comes from trees.

    If someone tells you you are killing "too many trees," it usually means that you are wasting paper.

    I see that your quote says "so many trees." To understand the exact message that was being communicated to you, I think it would be important to pay attention to the tone of your manager's voice. It's possible that he or she was paying you a compliment, but also asking you not to use so much paper. It really depends on the tone, so this may not have been his or her meaning.

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