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    Topic:Parents are the best teachers.

    Topic:Parents are the best teachers.

    I couldn't agree more with the statement that parents are the best teachers. First, parents are the closest people to children. Second, they have more sufficient understanding on their children than anyone else. And finally, parents can teach their children all their lives.

    Most important of all, parents should be the closest/(most intimate) people to their children. The relationship between parents and children is supposed to be irreplaceable and steady. Only parents can devote themselves to educate their children with heart and soul, regardless of time and money. They spend considerable money on their children's education and health. They tell stories to their children before they sleep. They play games with their children with enthusiasm. The others cannot devote/dedicate so much attention to children, not to mention time, money and enthusiasm. So parents can direct children in most circumstances. In contrast, the other people, for instance, the school teachers, can only teach children in a given situation, such as at school or in class.

    Moreover, parents understand their children more clearly than the other people; therefore, they can give the children specific guidances. Undoubtedly, only based on their own well understanding can people give helpful advice. Anyone who lacks enough understanding will lead to their giving useless, or even harmful, directions. By living together for a long period, parents know every aspect of their children. This ensures that their teachings are more helpful. Granted, the professional teachers can offer professional advice, but these dose not mean they can satisfy both processes and achieve results. Some advice may be efficient but insufferable. Parents can take every aspect, such as time and efforts, into consideration to provide reasonable guidelines.

    Finally, it could be a lifetime process for parents to teach their children. From infancy to adulthood, parents share the lives with their children all the time. They have the opportunities to guide their children in every step, and they can be helpful in every situation they want. Seldom do school teachers guide a student more than six years.

    Needless to say, no one can be a better teacher than parents. Not only my statement above but also history has proved this point time and time again.

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    Re: Topic:Parents are the best teachers.

    Thank you, Gil

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