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    Tight Ship

    I'd like to suggest a revision of the idiom "Tight Ship".
    I recommend changing this to "Tight Ship (taut ship also used)
    The current explanation is
    If you run a tight ship, you control something strictly and don't allow people much freedom of action.

    A better explanation is:
    If you run a tight ship, you focus on the performance of an organization.
    My reasoning is that when one runs a tight ship it does not necessarily mean being strict to the point of interfering with freedom. Anyone who belongs to an organization has already relinquished some freedom by agreeing to the organization's rules. Running a tight or taut ship does not mean that one is necessarily a Captain Bligh.

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    Re: Tight Ship

    I've altered it, though I have kept the idea of controlling, which I believe is very much part of the meaning.

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