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    correct plz

    She is too_______to be deceived easily.
    a. Strong b. Cleaver c. modern d handsome

    At times when he was in the right mood, she would _________a humour which no one could match.
    a. Count b. Discard c. Object d. Display

    A person by taking revenge, tries to get________with his enemy.
    a. Even b. Equal c. Along d. Emotional

    The boss only________his subordinates for their failure but he himself takes no decision or action.
    a. Criticises b. Throws c. Passes d. Discipline

    His income is quite________for him to lead a comfortable life.
    a. Meagre b. Adequate c. Insufficient d. Less

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    Re: correct plz

    Welcome to the forums!

    Well, on these forums, it is expected that the poster put in the effort before posting some questions here, and of course they have to show that they did so by saying something like this;

    The option "C" should be correct, because...

    So, if the teachers of the forums (or any other members who are willing to answer you)
    believe that you tried first and came up with the answers (correct or not), they will be happy to show your mistakes, if there are any, and the reasons why.

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    Re: correct plz

    Euncu is right.

    It looks like you are asking us to do your homework for you.

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    Re: correct plz

    The first one has a typo and the second one changes gender.
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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