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Thread: Sonnet help!!

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    Sonnet help!!

    Hey there. I'm a grade 10 IB student, and i'm in the midst of an English project. Our project is to analyze a sonnet of our choice. The sonnet I chose is an imperfect sonnet, and i'm unsure of it's form. Could anyone help me? I'm pretty sure it's an imperfect Petrarchan sonnet, but again, I need help.

    This is the sonnet...

    A Conversion by F.C. Kolbe

    Behold that dark brown chrysalis, seeming dead--
    Can such things live? Will life's reviving might
    Arouse this sleeper from so dark a night?
    Yes, see!--there issues from it[s] tomb-like bed
    A creature from whose airy wings are shed
    Bright beams of living, many-coloured light.
    Thus have I seen a spirit take its flight.
    Over its wings had error's meshes spread
    The bonds of lie and prejudice and hell:
    And the beholder in an underbreath
    Sighed sadly as he whispered, "This is death!"
    But no--a power thrills through the lifeless shell;
    And into glorious morn the spirit springs,
    The light of heaven gleaming from its wings.

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    Re: Sonnet help!!

    The first eight lines fir the ABBA ABBA rhyme of a Petrarchan octet, but the last two lines follow the English sonnet pattern more. It seem to me that this is a bit of a hybrid sonnet.


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