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    Smile About count & non count nouns

    Dear Teacher:

    I want to ask you about the word "paper" whether it is a count, non count noun or the two.
    I am a new member, I think you notice that, and I am so happy to contact to this forum because it let me share the ideas and the information about what I need to know in formal English. I do not like the informal English knowing that the majority of people uses this kind of language in U.S of America. Furthermore, I have been prepared for a test in English language and I pray a lot to get the degree that allows me to enter the A.U.B (American University of Beirut) in order to earn, if it is possible to say that, Master's degree in Physics.
    All people around the world speak English, knowing that my first foreign language is French, but when I began learning English I felt it is easier than French and I saw myself use it fluently. Still another thing to tell you, recently, I am teaching Physics in two languages English and French, when I stood up in front of the table to explain a lesson or to illustrate some principles or others in Physics, the data that I want to clarify come to my mind in English first then in French, English becomes as my first foreign language as French maybe more.
    Thinking about what happened to me, I asked myself that could two years of learning English do that? In fact, yes why not, especially when you look to your environment that contains the people you meet, the advertisements you read, the movies you watch, the computer you use, the internet addresses you visit, the electronic games you play, the school you join, the university you enroll, etc..., all of these let you be a good speaker in English as like as a one who has English as a native language.
    I prolonged the speech, but what do I do, I want to share my thoughts with my friends at this forum, this is why they called "Forum".

    Best Regards.


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    Re: About count & non count nouns

    Hello, Mostapha, and welcome to the board.

    Paper can be countable or uncountable, depending on the context.

    'The town is well-known for paper manufacturing.'

    'The border guard asked to see my papers.'


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