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    something from Watergate

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    What does sentences like "You do not do something" mean?
    Does it mean the same thing as "You should not", "You must not", or "People typically do not"?

    I just wonder if Mr. Colson is being polite by using "You do not".
    Not everyone sees Mr. Felt as a hero. Some longtime loyalists to former President Richard Nixon have labeled him a traitor for helping the Washington Post uncover the Watergate scandal.

    Charles Colson is one of several former Nixon aides who went to prison because of criminal acts committed during the Nixon administration.

    "I can understand why someone would look at what was going on and say this must be stopped and I have admitted that I should have done that, but not this way. You do not sneak around in back alleys at night passing documents under potted plants," he said.



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    Re: something from Watergate

    It means it's uncalled for, it's unacceptable it's really bad if you do certain things (here meaning you don't go behind the Pesident's back and squeal on him).


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