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    Can you proofread this text, please?

    I’m writing an English newspaper article for tourists coming to Finland’s Lapland in summer. Can some native speaker of English go through the following short bits and correct the mistakes?


    The reindeer is a hoofed, long-legged, four-toed animal that belongs to the moose family. The reindeer is a herbivore which spends most of the day eating. It eats lichens, moss, mushrooms and leaves.

    The reindeer has adapted well to the harsh conditions of the North. Its coat is thick and brown in winter and thin and gray in summer. Reindeer change their fur every year. They also grow a new set of antlers each year.

    Females usually weigh about 60–100 kilos and males around 90–160 kilos. Females can live for as much as 20 years, males can live to be some 15 years old.

    The reindeer has always been a source of attraction for tourists coming to Lapland. However, one should be watchful when driving, because reindeer sometimes wander onto roads in search of food.

    The reindeer husbandry area covers 114 000 km2, which is 36 per cent of the total area of Finland. Four-fifths of the area lies in the Province of Lapland. Fell Lapland is the northernmost region of the reindeer husbandry area.

    The Sami

    The Sami are the only indigenous people in the European Union. In all, there are 75 000 Sami people in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. 8000 Sami people live in Finland.

    As an indigenous people, the Sami have autonomy over their language and culture. Over half of the Sami people have Lappish as their mother tongue, but most of them cannot write it, because written Lappish has been introduced into school curricula only in the last few years. There are three different variations of Lappish spoken in Finland.

    The traditional sources of income for the Sami are reindeer herding, hunting, fishing, farming, and duodji, i.e. Sami handicrafts.


    The River Tornion-Muonionjoki between Finland and Sweden is the largest free-running river in Europe where salmon come to spawn. You can also fish for trout, grayling and pike in the river.

    The Lätäseno River, a tributary of the River Tornion-Muonionjoki, is famous for its big graylings. People have also caught salmon from the Lätäseno in recent years. Many other tributaries, too, are good places to fish. There are also dozens of smaller fish-filled rivers and lakes in Fell Lapland.

    Those who want to practice lure fishing must either obtain a permission from the holder of the fishing right or pay the provincial lure fishing fee. In addition to the lure fishing fee, a fishing management fee must be paid. Fishing permissions can be obtained in a number of places offering accommodation and in some shops. For further information, go to or

    Hiking, canoeing, riding

    The clear nature of Fell Lapland offers hikers countless possibilities, ranging from peaceful hikes to action-packed white-water rafting. There are hundreds of kilometres of hiking routes, one of the most popular ones being the Hetta–Pallas route.

    There are numerous companies in travel centres offering different kinds of activities, such as canoeing, white-water rafting and riding tours on horseback. There are also a good many events in the summertime – for instance, music festivals, fairs and village fêtes.

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    Re: Can you proofread this text, please?

    I'd change the word order of this:

    because written Lappish has been introduced into school curricula only in the last few years.
    because written Lappish has only been introduced into school curricula in the last few years.

    With 'Fishing permissions can be obtained' I'd say 'fishing permits'

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