When I turned my head, reading some books in a libraray, I saw a girl-maybe 5 to 7 years old -and a lady who looked like her mother, choosing books to read, in front of the bookshelf beside the table at which I was reading. And the moment I was about to get my eyes back to the book, I heard a "Hello" sound, a female's phone voice. It was her, the lady who looked like the little girl's mom.
Yes, she was speaking on her cell phone. But, I wasn't suprised that much because she was not the only person who phones in the library reading room. So I just decided to go back to my work. I was about to read my books again, and then at the moment, I saw the little girl jittering, embarassed by her mom's acting. She scolded her mother and the mother got her voice down. Of course, I had not expected that she would go out to keep her phoning.
It was a role-diversion. The daughter did the mom's role, and the mom acted like a little naughty child. Sometimes Children are better than adults.


I would be grateful if you advice on my essay, in grammar, context or in any ways. (including this sentence. )
Enlighten me.

Always thanks for your help.