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    pronunciation of these names?

    this is my first time on this forum, I hope this is the correct section for my question..

    Can you tell me which is the correct pronunciation of these names?

    - Alecky Blythe
    - Anna Deavere Smith
    - verbatim

    thank you

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    Re: pronunciation of these names?

    yes ...

    you can use some programms like ( Golden Al-Wafi Translator ) for pronunciation your words ...

    Good look ...

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    Re: pronunciation of these names?

    Names are notoriously tricky for pronunciation- when English speakers are giving the names and addresses to other native speakers, they often have to spell things.
    - Alecky Blythe I would say /blaɪ/
    - Anna Deavere Smith /dəvɪə/ (it could equally be /dəʊvɪə/)
    - verbatim /vɜ:beɪtɪm/ (Cambridge gives /vɝːˈbeɪ.t ̬əm/ as the American pronunciation)

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