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    Unhappy hi

    hi.i am student knowing complete grammer of english.i want to make some difficult sentences but i can't make them because grammer restricts me.please guide me how to do this.thanks a lot

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    Re: hi

    Quote Originally Posted by leonardoatt View Post

    Hi. I am a student knowing (? Do you mean that you already know all about grammar?!) complete grammar of English. I want to make some difficult sentences but I can't make them because grammar restricts me. Please guide me in how to do this. Thanks a lot.
    1) Capitalisation - the first letter of every sentence must be capitalised.

    2) Capitalisation of "I" - the first person singular "I" is always capitalised.

    3) Punctuation spacing - you need to put a space after every full stop.

    4) Spelling - it's "grammar", not "grammer".

    5) I don't know what you mean by "I am a student knowing complete grammar". Do you mean that you already know everything about grammar? I guess not, because your post says you are restricted by grammar. Do you mean that you want to learn everything about grammar?

    6) What do you mean by "difficult sentences"? Before you start to construct more complicated sentences, you need to make sure you are comfortable with the correct usage of English with simpler sentences.


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