I wrote this informal letter. Please make correction and tell me how I wrote this?

Hope you are doing fine, honey. It seems like forever since we talked over phone the last time. And meeting you face to face - it seems like it happened in previous incarnation! I still miss you, baby and I love you. I am still waiting for you, dear; probably I know for sure I have to wait till the twelfth of never...

I know you asked me hundred of thousands times why on earth I wanna meet you, why on earth I wanna talk to you, why...what's good it'll bring to me? Trust me I gave it a thought million of times, but every time without coming to any solid conclusion.

For the life of me, I really have no idea. may be I love to be with you, may be I love you to keep me company for the rest of my life. Whatever, I can't live without you.

Can you still remember how it all started? It's kind of funny, you know. But I love it, otherwise I could never have a chance to talk to you. The very day I first saw you, I fell in love with you. But I had never got any chance to interact with you, though we lived very close to each other, but still our way of life was so different. Time passed and time came to part you, time to go back to our home. Suddenly we met and you stretched out your hand, "Hi I am Diana..." We were destined to meet.

Can you remember that day we came home together, that morning we were at the Dumdum station, when you met your school friend Pritha? And when she was gone, you thanked me coz it was only for me you waited and met Pritha. That face of you is coming to my mind on and off all day. The way you bent your head, the way the sweat appeared on your face, your somewhat oily skin due to tiring journey as it was getting hotter outside.

And in the bus, when you brought out you comb from your backpack and ran it through your silky hair, you looked so beautiful. I wish there were no one, save you and me. You were just beside me, so close. I wish I could...Anyways I gazed away, thinking what you would think of me.

C21 You stuck in my hear:
" You stuck in my heart
Like counting a million stars
For that many reasons you are

Can't you see you've been changing the world around me
If you hold me close enough, I can whisper you the words.....


Inside me I'm afraid to wake up from a dream, and see
It never really happened to me.....


This was the song you were listening to, taking my cellphone and plugging an earphone. Can you remember? And this is the song that really express my heart out.