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    using v to be in the bast

    dear teacher

    i wonder if you could understand me and answer to my quetion

    when can i use v to be like was were in the past
    i have this examble
    i was born in yemen
    is it correct
    why we use was when we have verb like "born"

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    Re: using v to be in the bast

    Quote Originally Posted by salehalsafi View Post
    Dear teacher

    I wonder if you could understand me and answer to my question.

    When can I use the verb "to be" like "was/were" in the past?

    I have this examble example:

    I was born in Yemen.

    Is it correct? Why do we use "was" when we have a verb like "born"?
    1) Please use correct capitalisation in your posts. It makes them much easier for us to read. Use a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence. The first person singular "I" is always capitalised.

    2) "Born" is not a verb. If you look at a list of English verbs, you will not find "to born". The phrase is "to be born", therefore it is the "to be" part which changes tense.

    Past: I was born in Italy.
    Future: The baby will be born in September.
    Present (to describe a general truth): Thousands of babies are born here every year.

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    Re: using v to be in the bast

    You might find this website helpful:

    Conjugation of the English Verb "to be". How to conjugate "to be".


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