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    Questions from editorial June0305 (1/2)

    I'll probably ask many questions from the editorials of the same newspaper every few days, so I thought I'd just juse the same title for the post with the corresponding date.

    After all, we seldom see eye-to-eye on anything with Mayor David Miller, who's about to join the board, or with Toronto councillor Pam McConnell, who is (shudder!) the board's chair.
    A1. 'We seldom see eye-to-eye on anything with Mayor David Miller...': what does 'eye-to-eye' mean here?

    Love community policing? Blair's your man, because he says there's nothing wrong with cops flipping hamburgers and playing basketball with local kids as part of the overall effort to establish a highly visible and trusted police presence in every community, whereupon the citizens will willingly become the eyes and ears of the police when it comes to fighting crime.
    B1. I haven't seen or used much of 'whereupon' so far. It sounds correct here (as newspaper editorial journalists wouldn't make simple grammatical mistakes) but I don't know why it's there. Hmm it's more like, if you were to tell me to create a sentence using 'whereupon', I couldn't create one.

    Could you explain what 'whereupon' means, and how to use it? You can probably give me an example so that I understand the usage.

    Question continues to the next post...

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    Re: Questions from editorial June0305 (1/2)

    Whereupon means after which. It doesn't have as strong of a cause-and-effect nature as therefore but it is similar.

    He finally stood up to his wife and told her what he thought, whereupon he spent the remainder of the night in the emergency room.

    Eye-to-eye means in total agreement.

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