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    Questions from editorial June0305 (2/2)

    Continuing from the previous post...

    Thing racial profiling is a problem? Blair's your man, because he dismisses the traditional police defence that racism only occurs in policing because of "a few bad apples." Blair notes he doesn't have enough bad apples on his force to generate all the complaints his force receives about bias, which means the real solutions have to come in areas such as how the force recruits and trains officers and in how it gets them to buy into the reality that Toronto's racial diversity is one of its greatest strengths.
    C1. This is a paragraph I didn't quite understand. Simple sentence structure, and I know all the words in there. But what he says about his police force is... confusing.

    So this Blair guy (Toronto's Police Chief) is saying he doesn't believe racism in policing is caused by a few crooked officers. And he goes on to say he doesn't have enough of them to generate all the complaints regarding racism and bias his force receives. OK is he saying racism is rampant among the force and not just a few officers, or there's just no such officer and the whole thing doesn't make sense? or could it be neither?

    Could you tell me what you think about the paragraph? does it make sense to you (it's an editorial, it should, I guess), and if you can make sense out of it, could you explain the paragraph?

    A million thanks to you.

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    Re: Questions from editorial June0305 (2/2)

    Blair believes that racism in the police force is part of the culture of the police, and not just the act of a few bad apples. Therefore, getting rid of the bad apples won't solve the problem of racism. He believes that the essential culture of the police force must be changed.


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