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  1. Nicole

    Some help really needed.!!!

    Not sure if i'm posting this in the right part.

    I'm a year 12 student, whose currently taking part in an english extension program at school. Our task is to pick a base text, and then using that text as stimulus create a new text by making a complex transformation (resisting the base text.

    My base text (excuse language): Drugs are good by NOFX

    Want to f*** up, drop out, never trust a f****** hippie.
    And for that matter don't trust anyone.
    Quit school, don't work, livin' up your music to punk.
    If I could do it so could anyone.

    Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not
    And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.
    And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.

    Want to join a punk band, shave your head and get a tattoo.
    You don't need talent just sing attitude.
    Self destruction, no moral to throw it on me.
    For no particular reason beat up everyone.

    Drugs are neat, and you can buy 'em relatively cheap.
    And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.
    And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.

    I need ideas for a new text. The new text can be any genre of an article or story.

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    Re: Some help really needed.!!!

    Hello Nicole

    What if you were to transform it into an advert?

    "Are you tired of going to school, going to work, and never having a chance to listen to your favorite music or sample your drug of choice?
    Are you just too goddam trusting?

    Well, now you can do something about it!..."



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