This essay is in responce to what skills we do best & worst in a writing class. I was suppose to compare the 3 essays that I have written, so could you please check for grammatical errors or any other suggestions? Thanks!

As my professor says, “This class is more about re-writing than writing,” and she was right. When I started this class about three months ago, writing was just something I thought I had to do, so I didn’t enjoy it. Actually, I dreaded writing a two page essay. Before this class, I only had to write a one page essay, so when I heard two pages, I thought, great how long will that take to write? Throughout this class, I have learned many techniques on writing, as well as the grammatical aspect of it, too. Over the past eleven weeks, I have improved on the organizing and introductions of an essay, but I still need to work on my punctuation and word choices.

Within my three essays, I have organized them all differently, but they all turned out good. My first essay was organized by chronological order to show the time sequence on the day my husband and I made an offer on our first house. Since I was telling what went on through the day, it only made sense to write the essay by the time of day. On the contrary, I decided to organize my second essay from least important to most because my wedding dress meant a lot to me and I wanted to portray that in my writing. Each essay that I write, I try to figure out which layout would suit my writing best; I spend a bunch of time deciding back and forth between the different organizing ideas until I find one that fits with the essay.

Another skill I am good at in writing is the introductions. For each beginning, I try to make the essay come to life and give the reader a reason for wanting to continue on. So for my first essay, I tried to capture the reader’s attention by asking them to think back or to imagine when they bought their first house. Many people have gone through that experience or someday will, so the reader would think, oh yeah, I remember that day, and they would keep reading to see how that day was for me. Also, with the second essay, I tried to get the reader thinking about being a little girl who was dreaming about what the future might hold. No matter what gender was reading my essay, each would want to continue reading to see what little girls might dream about. Introductions are a fun part of an essay that I feel I can add my own spin to!

Some things I still struggle with when I am writing an essay is punctuation and word choices. It’s sometimes hard for me to figure out where a comma or colon go. In my second essay, I put some commas in places they didn’t need to be. For that particular writing, I kept reading and re-reading the essay to figure out where to put those commas. I ended up putting them in, taking them out, and finally putting them back in, but actually, in the end, I didn’t even need them in there. Within essay three, our group added many words that were just fillers, but they didn’t really need to be in the essay at all. The words we added actually made the essay somewhat unclear. Although punctuation and word choice are not my strong point while writing, I am going to continue to work on improving it!

Now that this class is almost completed, I have grown to enjoy writing as a hobby. In my writing, I like to describe the experiences I have gone through and bring those descriptions to life. After this class, I will be going to Engligh 111 to further my education in writing for my nursing degree. I will continue to write at home, as well. Even though I am good at some skills in writing, I am eager to work on the skills that I need more practice on!