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    reply to 'drag on and drag out'

    it let me post a message but not a reply, so I have to post a new massage.

    may I copy from the oxford dictionary:

    5. trans. To protract or continue tediously; usually drag on. Also to drag out, to protract to a tedious end.
    1697 Dryden Æneid ii. 877 ’Tis long since I..have dragg’d a ling’ring life.
    a1710 E. J. Smith (J.), Oh; can I drag a wretched life without him?
    1842 A. Combe Physiol. Digestion (ed. 4) 315 Dragging out a painful existence.
    1865 Trollope Belton Est. xxvi. 308 The events of the day drag themselves on tediously in such a country house.
    1878 R. B. Smith Carthage 488 [It] dragged on a wretched existence for some centuries.
    1892 Black & White 2 Apr. 424/2 Like too many vocalists..[he] ‘dragged’ certain passages until all sense of time was lost.

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    Re: reply to 'drag on and drag out'

    Thanks for you posts. I'd use 'drag out' in this sense transitively, which is missing.

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