My Objectives at Work for next year.

I aim to obtain the support of my managers, in order to improve Institute’s Office at the Island, which currently contains: Notifications Section, Communicable Diseases Section and Mortuary Services, by providing all necessary requirements for these sections; to meet the needs of the community here and make them benefit from the services provided by the Institute.
I aim to develop my skills and knowledge that may be useful in performing my career and fit my current job, due to my work in most of PHP sections; by attending the workshops and courses; Therefore, I’ve planed to start with a course in “Medical Terminology” which will be held on 4th October 2010, at the Institute.

I aim to do my best to meet the needs of the community here at Delma Island, in order to rid their transactions at Institute’s Office here, Instead of having to travel outside the Island across the sea, reserving hotels and wasting their time and efforts.