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Thread: cringe / bow

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    cringe / bow

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether you see any difference between cringe and bow?

    How they cringe and bow to that Creole, because of her hundred thousand pounds!

    1. cringe = to behave in a servile way; fawn
    2. bow = to bend (the head, knee, or body) to express greeting, consent, courtesy, acknowledgment, submission, or veneration

    cringe = bend, bow,...

    If I were Thackeray I would use the another connotation for the second word: be mean, act in a mean way; play a mean trick; act meanly

    Sorry, I seemed to hear voices sounded in the air “that’s the height of impudence. A student mastering English only for five years venture a judgement of the great English writer Thackeray.”


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    Re: cringe / bow

    Cringe can imply fear, so cringe and bow work together IMO- they are not the same. Cringing is a contraction of the posture to show servility, fear, etc, but it could be many things-lowering the head, moving the arms or hands, etc, so doesn't replace bowing, which is a standardised action and doesn't denote servility, etc.

    Enjoy the book and venture any judgement you like. It is a masterpiece.

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