Effects of TV on children
Technologies improve human life and TV is one of important sources of entertainment. It provide source of knowledge through news and reports so you have a chance to know more things about the world. Besides, you can travel the whole world on the TV without going out of your house because television includes all information of every country. However, many people do not realize that the TV has also harmful effects on the physical and mental development, especially in children.

First of all, watching too much TV can ruin childrenís eyesight. Nowadays many interesting TV programs can attract children to watching TV in a long time. Almost all the movies and cartoons shown on television use a variety of special effects. If the children watch TV in a long time, their eyes must work hard in that time. Besides, the radiations of TV can also influence to childrenís optic nerves. This is the reason why their eyes will be weaker.

Secondly, children who spend a lot of time to watching television are increased risk for obesity, which is associated with the inactive nature of the activity. If children watch TV in a long time, they cannot do anything. They stay in and just watch TV. Day by day, their body will be heavier. And with a heavy body, children do not want to do anything.

Thirdly, children who spend too much time in watching television often have low grades and poor school performance. TV attracts children so much so they canít turn off TV to do their homework. Besides, they usually lose their sleep. As a result, their body is tired and they donít want to do homework.

Finally, TV could not only harm children physically but it could also impact on children mentally in many cases. More and more violent behavior is shown on TV today. Sometimes the children don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, and they want to do the same that they have watched on TV . Some children have hurt other children or themselves because they tried to imitate what they watched in their favorite TV program.

In conclusion, all effect and details listed above, I want to emphasize that Television is a medium in recreation but it has harmful effects on children who watch it too much.So they should not watch TV in a long time if they want to have good vision and a good health. Besides, there are many TV programs is not good for their behavior, so they should choose TV programs with suitable contents.

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